GDPR and Privacy

Click HERE for details of "General Practice Data for Planning and Research: NHS Digital Transparency Notice - NHS Digital and how to opt out of sharing your data with Third Parties - "How and why NHS Digital collects, analyses, publishes and shares data collected from GP practices for planning and research."

Type One Opt Out Form - this must be returned to the surgery.

Please see here for details of how your information is kept should you use a QR code to log in at a Covid-19 vaccination site.  

NHS QR code venue posters: privacy notice

CCG wide patient advice SMS Programme

Please read below to see how your personal data is used in line with iPlato SMS invitations to the cervical screening programme:

  • iPlato Healthcare will be sending text messages to all consenting patients registered at practices across Barking and Dagenham, Havering and Redbridge CCG’s catchment area.
  • The wording of the text messages will be consistent with the national advice and will change in line with this guidance.
  • This SMS Programme will be in addition to any existing programmes. Please note that, upon sign up, no further interaction will be required by GP Practices.

Data Processing and Data Sharing Summary

    1. iPLATO will facilitate the ongoing extraction of client demographic data via the practice clinical system phonebook, for which the data will be minimised as far as possible.
    2. All data is processed within the HSCN network.
    3. Only patients who have consented to receive SMS will be contacted.
    4. iPLATO Healthcare acts as a data processor for this service.

Please click the link to see the latest updates to the East London Health and Care Partnership Information Sharing Agreement

General Practice Transparency Notice for GPES Data for Pandemic Planning and Research (COVID-19)

Please click here for the latest GP Connect Privacy Notice Update

Please click here for the latest Summary Care Record Supplementary Transparency Notice

To view the poster displayed in reception explaining more about GDPR, please click here GDPR Patient Notice Poster

To view a patient leaflet for download, please click here - Privacy Information Leaflet

How We Use Your Information

Privacy Information Leaflet

  • We collect and hold data about you for the purpose of providing safe and effective healthcare
  • Your information may be shared with other NHS organisations to audit services and help provide you with better care
  • Information sharing is subject to strict agreements on how it is used.
  • We will only share your information outside of NHS organisations with your consent*
  • If you are happy with how we use your information you do not need to do anything.
  • If you do not want your information to be used for any purpose beyond providing your care please let us know so we can code your record appropriately.
  • You can object to sharing information with other health care providers but if this limits your treatment options we will tell you.
  • Our guiding principle is that we are holding your information in the strictest confidence.

* Unless the health & safety of others is at risk, the law requires it or it is required to carry out a statutory function.

For more information about who are our partner organisations and how your data is used, please see more detailed information below.

Subject Access Request (SAR)

To make an application for a SAR, please see further information below

Subject Access Request leaflet

Freedom of Information Act and Subject Access Request Update - March 2020

Health Intelligence (Diabetic Eye Screening service) Privacy Notice

The Practice shares your diabetes related data with the Diabetic Eye Screening Programme operated by Health Intelligence (commissioned by NHS England). This supports your invitation for eye screening (where you are eligible and referred by the Practice) and on-going care by the screening programme. This data may be shared with any Hospital Eye Services you are under the care of to support further treatment and with other healthcare professionals involved in your care, for example your Diabetologist.

For further information, take a look at Health Intelligence’s Privacy Notice on the diabetic eye screening website: