The Nursing Team

What Our Nursing Team Can Do For You

Our Nursing team can help you with a variety of health issues.
Our two Practice Nurses and our Advanced Health Care Assistant (AHCA) run review clinics for long-term health conditions such as Asthma, Hypertension and Diabetes. If you have any of these conditions, you will be invited in for review every year, to monitor your symptoms.

Anyone joining the practice has a 20 minute New Patient Check with a member of the nursing team, in order to complete their registration with the surgery. They are all qualified to complete your NHS Health Check, monitor your Blood Pressure as well as offer Weight Management and Healthy Living Advice.

As a team they can all also help with any Post-Operative Wound Care, Removals of Stitches and Change of Dressings.

The whole team are also the queens of flu season, giving Flu Jabs and Covid Boosters to those who are eligible.

In terms of Women's Health, our nurses also carry out routine Cervical Screening (Smear) Tests, Immunisations for Pregnant Women and give Long Term Contraception Injections.

The nurses also give routine Childhood Immunisations, Pneumonia Vaccinations, Shingles injections and MMR boosters (all subject to eligibility)as well as NHS eligible Travel Immunisations for all the family.

Julie (AHCA) is our Lead Phlebotomist. If you need to have your blood taken, this must be done during morning clinic.

Julie also assists the GPs with Over 75’s Health Checks, Cancer Care Reviews, Mental Health Reviews and Carers Support.

Follow the link for more information about the members of our practice team, including the nursing team.


Post Operative Wound Care Service

We now offer a post operative wound care service for:

  • General post-surgical wound care
  • Removal of wound closures
  • Wound dressings
  • Assessment of wounds for healing progress and infection
  • Management of complications
  • Antibiotics assessment or similar
  • Related or potentially related ailments
  • Onward advice and referral as required

All appointments must be booked in advance with a nurse initially and any hospital discharge correspondence must be brought to your appointments, if we have not already received it.

Please complete the self booking appointment request form, to receive a text message link to make a nurses appointment.

Flu and Covid Boosters

Each year the Practice carries out influenza vaccinations to current at-risk groups.  Based on advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation are as follows:

Those of all ages (including children) with:

  • Chronic respiratory disease, including asthma
  • Chronic heart disease
  • Chronic renal disease
  • Immunosupression due to disease or treatment
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Those aged 65 and over
  • children aged 2 and 3 years of age
  • those living in long-stay residential and nursing homes or other long stay facilities
  • Those who are in receipt of a carer's allowance, or who are the main carer of an elderly or disabled person,  whose welfare may be at risk if the carer falls ill
  • Pregnant women

Please complete the self booking appointment request form, to receive a text message link to make an appointment, if you are in one of the at-risk groups.

MMR for non-immune adults

The MMR vaccine can also be given on the NHS to adults who may need it.

This includes:

  • people born between 1970 and 1979, who may have only been vaccinated against measles
  • people born from 1980 to 1990, who may not be protected against mumps

Check with your GP if you're not sure whether you have had the MMR vaccine.

If in doubt, go ahead and have it. Even if you have had it before, it won't harm you to have a second, or even third, course of the vaccination.

Shingles Vaccinations

The NHS is carrying out a vaccination program for 70 - 80 year old patients (precise birth dates apply!).  If you are interested, please call the surgery to see whether you are entitled. 

Please read more about the Shingles Vaccination Programme here


A pneumococcal immunisation programme exists for all people aged 65 and over and those at risk between the ages of 2 and 65 years. 


Please read more about the Pneumonia Vaccination Programme here